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Who we are?

DBC is a service company offering system development and networking services, digital printing and secretarial work, online application and registration, construction, property management and auditing and consultation services.

Systems development and Networking

We develop both mobile and web-based applications, web-sites development and management and networking services.
Tel: 0200926678 | 0753611717

Branding, digital printing and Secretarial Work

we do exams printing, embroidery, calendars ,customized book covers, customized books, receipts, invoices ,banners, stickers, laminating binding passport photo plastic IDS and many others.
Tel: 0200926678 | 0782039103

Online application and Registration Services

registration to different platforms and websites has been made easier and is still being made easier by the day . these services required a lot of data to run and operate. worried that you wont be able to register or access the online services, we at DBC offer a wide range of all the services you may want with quick response and feed back.
Tel: 0200926678 | 0782039103

Property management

We develop both mobile and web-based applications, web-sites development and management and networking services.
Tel: 0200926678 | 0789546201


Constructing your dream homes ,now days is a headache to most of us. finding the right contractor, suitable building materials. we at dbc provide consultancy, build and purchase for you the construction materials needed for your dream home.
Tel: 0200926678 | 0752029352

Auditing and Consultation Services

we offer different online services to our clients at affordable prices from different platforms. The services include Tin application for both company and individual, passport application ,trading licenses changing of log-books.
Tel: 0200926678 | 0705522970

Prosperity & Self-Sufficiency

At DBC Services, our approach to sustainability goes beyond compliance with regulatory expectations. We are driven by a desire to contribute to, and positively impact the development of our communities and society at large.

Our Core Values

  • God Fearing
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Confidentiality
  • Time management
We value our customers
Let's manage your property

DBC Services provides property management services, like rentals, apartments and plazas.

Software development

We develop websites and mobile applications for businesses and Organisations..

Our services

DBC Services is a registered company that offers Systems Development and Networking services. The company extends other services like; Construction and Reconstruction; Property Management; Electrical Engineering; Metal Fabrication; Consultancies and Auditing; Online Registration and Applications; Branding, Digital printing and Secretarial Work and Machine Hiring.

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