Online Application And Registration Services.

An overview of the services you offer and how they will benefit the visitor.

Internet Cafe Services

We are dedicated to providing the best Internet services for our clients, We have the fastest Internet, best dedicated services for our clients in order to enjoy the beauty of Fast Internet browsing. We have the cheapest rates around town, Join us today for all your online needs.

30 minutes ——-> 500 UGX

1 Hour ——-> 1000 UGX

Online Application Services

We also provide online application services like URA TIN number applications, URSB, University applications, Vehicle name transfer services. We are dedicated to helping our clients fill out the forms incase of need arisen. Our dedicated staff are here to help you. Embrace DBC services.

Computer Training services.

We provide computer Training services for absolute computer beginners, moderate and advanced computer training services. We provide Microsoft Office Training, Graphics, Hardware repair training, Website design and more.