Our services...

DBC Services is dedicated to building a digital world, through satisfying our customer needs digitally, join our customer base and experience lots of services. We also do remote services.

The Spaces

A descriptive paragraph that tells clients how good you are and proves that you are the best choice that they’ve made.

Printing and Branding

We do digital printing services for small and large printing services both colored and black and white.

Consultancy services and Auditing

We are dedicated to our clients to provide them with consultancy services, like information technology, research and more.

Online services

We are dedicated to providing online services like URA tax filing, Changing log books, Trade mark registration, passport applications and more.

Our quick services

Our dear esteemed customers we are delighted to introduce to you services that we offer at relatively cheaper costs around our area of business.

URA Tax filing

We offer URA tax filing services to our clients.

NIRA Letters

We also enable our clients obtain National Identification and Registration Authority letters.

Consultancy and Auditing

We are dedicated to providing consultancy services to our clients.

Property Management

We are dedicated to allowing our clients enjoy their convinience through managing their property.

Cleaning Services

We also carryout cleaning services like house cleaning, carpet cleaning and more services.

Software development and networking

At DBC services, we design and develop software like websites and mobile applications for all types of businesses.

Networking services

We are dedicated to managing and installing networks at your office and home for convinience.

Internet Cafe services

At our offices, we also provide internet cafe services for our clients. we have the best state of the art Internet Cafe.

Construction services

We are dedicated to making your dream home a reality, contact us for your building needs.

Home cleaning and management.

We also help design the home for at most comfort for our clients, for all your home design needs, contact us at your convenience and we shall make it a reality.