About DBC services

DBC Services is a registered company that offers Systems Development and Networking services. The company extends other services like; Construction and Reconstruction; Property Management; Electrical Engineering; Metal Fabrication; Consultancies and Auditing; Online Registration and Applications; Branding, Digital printing and Secretarial Work and Machine Hiring

Software development and Networking

DBC services is dedicated to designing, developing software to meet the needs of all its customers. We develop websites for all types of Organisations, businesses, and schools. We also design and develop mobile applications for our clients incase of need. Contact us for your next project.

Our staff members

We have a team of dedicated staff ready to manage and deliver services to your expectations.

Ms. Karungi Phiona

Systems Manager

Mr. Emmanuel Okecho

Online services Manager

Ms. Barbra DBC

Property Manager

Digital printing

We Provide Quality & Professional Graphics Designing Services where we design Logos, Company Profiles, Business Cards, Flyers, Banners, Physical Posters, Digital Posters, Labels, Brochures and so much more.